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Our kung fu is strong. We practice internationally recognized web design processes to ensure your business is visible across a range of devices and technologies while remaining easy to update and maintain.

With dozens of years of experience in the web design industry, we know what it takes for your company to get found. Get in front of potential customers where they live. Get found on mobile, tablet, PC or Apple. Leverage the best technology mix using the web, search, and social media. Improve and enhance traditional marketing like direct mail, radio or tv, or print advertising.

What Makes Our Service The Best?

We serve as your agent in all things.

What that means is:


We will only take one regional customer in any single professional industry. If we are working with you, we will not work with your competitors.

Work At Cost.

Unlike traditional ad, print, and web companies, we do not mark up our expenses and resell them. We collect a consulting fee and provide transparency across everything we do.


Everything we do belongs to you. All articles, photographs, video, audio, logos, taglines, even our source graphics are provided to you on an on-going basis.

No Contract Required.

We don't want to rope you into something you don't want. However, we offer 1-, 3-, and 5-year contracts for all of our services with generous discounts.

Things We Can Do

We have the skills you need if your project touches on web design, internet marketing, social media management, application development, graphic design, or on-site and online troubleshooting.

  • Write all the code
  • Train and assist users
  • Manage software and updates
  • Web and network security
  • Available 24/7
  • Update social media
  • Fast response time
  • Printing and production at cost

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International web standards

We use internationally accepted web standards to create an Open Web Platform designed for rich, interactive experiences, powered by custom data stores, and designed to be accessible from any device.

Web design and applications

Involving standards for building web pages, including HTMLS, CSS, client-side JavaScript, web APIs for interactivity, and SVG or PNG for web graphics, among others. These standards make pages more accessible to people with disabilities, and audio and video formats. HTML and XHTML are used to create structure. CSS is used to create the layout and style of the web page.

Business Continuity and Distaster Preparedness

Incidents can range from large scale natural disasters to technology-related accidents. Large or small, most incidents can have a significant impact on business operations. We use business intelligence, legal, regulary, organizational, and industry factors to plan, establish, implement, and maintain business systems and data continuity and disaster preparedness. Click here to bring up our sister website and learn about our business continuity service.

Device compatability

We focus on technologies which ensure web access anywhere, anytime, using any web-capable device. Such technology includes web access from mobile phones and tablets, both PC and Apple, as well as the use of web technology regarding consumer electronics, printers, interactive televisions, and even automobiles.

Web architecture

We practice internationally accepted design principles including URL and file naming structure, provide and test meta formats, and assist in troubleshooting and correcting existing web products. When we create content using web architecture standards, it helps to ensure backward and forward compatibility across a range of devices and software platforms.

Linked data

The Semantic Web is a web of data. Dates, titles, invoice or part numbers, and any other information you may find online. It includes organizational systems, queries, and databases. RDF provides the foundation for publishing and linking your data, providing access to the outside world.

Service-oriented technology

Interactive web design requires technologies like HTTP, XML, SOAP, and others. These seamlessly integrate with other web architectures to allow sensitive data transfers to happen securely while using payment and security gateways.

Authoring tools

Publish your content regardless of the software, computer or connectivity used. Whether you want to create articles, post pictures or video, or share other people's content, users should be able to access your content from any hardware that can connect to the Internet. Authoring tools like browsers, media players, and social media make this possible.

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